Rose Road Activewear was born out of frustration.

I wanted colour,  I wanted sass and I wanted expression AND THEN, I wanted the best performing fabrics that would allow me to move and stretch and sweat in comfort and support. 

And you know what, it didn't stop there - I wanted to be able to afford them. 

So one fine day, on a whim, I decided to make our own leggings. Just one or two pairs. A legging that I could wear to yoga, to strength training, to go running in and to run errands in. A multi functional legging with an outrageous fabulous sexy print. 

The print designing was the fun part. Then I spent a year of research and sampling with printers and manufactures from Guangzhou to Napier to Bali. It very quickly became apparent that if I were to make 2 pairs of tights I would need to make hundreds.

So almost exactly one year later and I have 2 pairs of the perfect leggings (+ 6, one in every print). And I have A TON to share with you.

I've custom designed everything about these leggings. I stand by the fit, the fabrics and of course the prints. And I look forward to hearing your feedback on all of the above.

My hope is that you love these bad boys as much as I do. That you do whatever you love to do in them and you feel great doing it.

 Annabelle Rose